Wearables | AndroidPIT

Wearables | AndroidPIT

Fitbit introduces a new line of affordable wearables

Say goodbye to Hangouts on Wear OS

Microsoft is breaking up the Band, will no longer support wearable

Smartwatches: fashion over function?

Apple Watch in danger as Samsung and Fitbit are cutting into market share

MWC 2019: I identify as technoflexible

Nubia Alpha hands-on: the amazing foldable smartwatch

Lenovo enters crowded headphone space with Yoga ANCs

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: small, smart, sporty

Google Fit is about to say goodbye to its web version

Nike’s self-lacing sneakers malfunctioning after app update

This wearable could help prevent sexual assaults

Why you will buy a smartwatch (or fitness tracker) in 2019

How to pay with your smartwatch and which banks support it

Samsung slips out wearables line, because leaks are cooler than launches

Google in 2019: Pixel Lite, Pixel Watch and more

Growing sales proves smartwatches are a slow-burning trend

Digital voice assistants to total 8 billion globally by 2023

Rolex or Swatch, Sony wants to make all watches smart

Can smart scales really help you lose weight?

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