Opinion News | AndroidPIT

Opinion News | AndroidPIT

Your private conversations are bugged: Alexa, cover your ears!

Unimoke e-bikes are trying to build a culture

5 ways 5G could transform tech

AI-powered ads will try to interact with you and it’s as bad as it sounds

Apple AirPods 2? It would be better to call them AirPods 1.1.

Batteries for bikers: the electric motorcycles capturing biker spirit

It’s clear that Huawei has nothing to fear from Samsung anymore

Valve is dragging its knuckles when it comes to VR

Tag Heuer’s $1,850 golf watch is pure bling for the clubhouse

Smart speakers could be both helpers and companions for the elderly

How Google Stadia could be a success, if it gets the price right

Social VR and the Metaverse: are we close to Ready Player One?

Give it a rest! The hype surrounding AI has gotten out of hand.

How smart glasses overcame the creepiness to become a trend

How much storage do you really need on your smartphone?

No thank-Q: I already can’t stand the new Android

Flying taxis could be in the sky sooner than you think

48 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S10e: a compact companion

Do smart speakers really need a display?

Smartwatches: fashion over function?

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