How to reduce screen brightness beyond the basic slider

How to reduce screen brightness beyond the basic slider

The smartphone displays we spend so much time looking at are not good for us. There are several negative effects that the unnatural light can cause, but fortunately, there is a solution to this. In this article, we discuss how to reduce the brightness of your screen.

Reducing your screen’s brightness has its benefits

The light from our devices can disrupt our sleep patterns and strain our eyes, which is a good reason to consider reducing the brightness of your screen. To a certain extent, you can do so with your cell phone’s standard settings, but with an app, you can reduce the brightness even further.

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It is possible to reduce your display brightness below the lowest standard setting. / © AndroidPIT

How to dim your screen below the minimum brightness

Download Lux Lite via the link here:

  • Upon installation, follow the instructions to give it ‘usage data access’
  • Tap the app icon
  • Adjust your display brightness to a far greater extent than was previously possible
androidpit lux screenshot 5
Lux can dramatically reduce your smartphone brightness. / © AndroidPIT

The midpoint on Lux’s brightness scale is 0 percent, which is basically the same as your smartphone’s standard lowest setting. Lux lets you dim the screen far beyond this point, and also offers a number of settings for automating its brightness during the day or in certain conditions.

As well as being better for your sleep cycle, a darker display also consumes less power than a bright one, so dimming your phone’s screen will be good for battery life too.  

andoridpit lux lite screenshot 7
Lux is a comprehensive app with a lot of customizable settings. / © AndroidPIT

Have you dimmed your screen brightness? Has it helped? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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